Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Consignment Stores in the Upper East Side NYC

Today, Kat and I explored vintage and consignment stores on the Upper East Side of New York City. Our first stop was Encore (1132 Madison Ave., New York, NY, www.encoreresale.com).  This store was on a few levels and had an abundance of designer and couture shoes and clothes.  The staff had an attitude and weren’t very friendly, but did allow me to film their store.  While some items were expensive (over $500) others were very reasonable and under $100.  I bought a beautiful blue and black beaded party dress that was new and originally sold for $259 for a mere $30.  

Our next stop was Council Thrift Shop (246 East 84th Street, New York, NY).  This store was quite a contrast from Encore, as it included furniture, books, glasses, dishes and vintage jewelry in addition to used clothes.  The cost of most shoes were ½ off from their original price.  Clothes were fairly high ($35+) and were in not prisitine condition.  I have seen similar things at the Goodwill for a fraction of the cost, but this is the Upper East Side, so it is somewhat understandable.  I did find a beautiful vintage bracelet with a million clear and black rhinestones and an elaborate silver design for only $25.   And I haven't taken it off since I left the store this morning.

A few blocks away was the Arthritis Foundation Thrift Shop (430 Third Ave., near 81st St., New York, NY).  This store was advertised as the choice destination for designer hand-me-downs.  Once again, prices were high for the quality of the shoes and clothes.  The highlights included a white Calvin Klein dress for $45 and a two-piece Lilly Pulitzer floral print short set for $65.  The rest was rather mediocre and we decided to move on after only a little while.

The last store we visited today was actually the best.  Michael’s The Consignment Shop for Women (1041 Madison Ave. @ 79th St., New York, NY, www.michaelsconsignment.com) is a designer clothes lover’s dream, as it has everything under the sun.  There were several rows of Manolo Blahniks.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many in one place.  The store is on two levels and on the top floor are clothes and shoes on sale.  In the sale area, most shoes were as low as $45 and nothing was more that $200.  Considering that none of their clothes are more than 2 years old, that is a good deal.  The best news about this store is the staff are very friendly.  They were very open to having me photograph their beautiful clothes and made their store completely available to me.  It might have helped that their son lives in San Francisco and I am from the Bay area.  If any of you visit New York, I would suggest that Michael’s should be on your itinerary.  You won’t be disappointed.


 Kat modeling a white jacket at Encore

Beautiful summer dress at Encore

Brown leather jacket at Encore

Kat modeling a bright green & fuscia jacket at Encore

My blue & black beaded party dress for only $30 at Encore

1960's style suede jacket at Encore

Oscar de la Renta dress at Encore - the bead work is amazing

Silver & white cocktail dress at Encore

White Chanel jacket at Encore

Shoe rack at Encore

Manolo Blahniks black pumps at Encore

Hot black leather ankle boots at Encore

Council Thrift Shop

Overview of Council Thrift Shop

 Purse rack & shopper at Council Thrift Shop

 Brown wedged platform sandals at Council Thrift Shop

Ruby slippers at Council Thrift Shop

Black & white dress & smart hat at Council Thrift Shop

Front counter at Council Thrift Shop

Arthritis Thrift Shop

Overview of Arthritis Thrift Shop

Lilly Pulitzer floral print short set at Arthritis Thrift Shop

Lilly Pulitzer floral print short set at Arthritis Thrift Shop

Black leather heels at Arthritis Thrift Shop

Silver pumps at Arthritis Thrift Shop

Michael's (above the deli)

Front counter at Michael's

Manolo Blahniks at Michael's

Purses at Michael's

Chanel window display at Michael's

Beautiful white & silver dress at Michael's

Decorative knitted vest at Michael's

Shoes to die for at Michael's

Prada jacket at Michael's

More designer purses at Michael's

Chanel purse & dress at Michael's


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    1. So glad that you liked my blog. This seems to be the all time most popular one I've published so far. Looking forward to traveling back to NYC next year and finding new cool stores. Hope you find that dress. Toni

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