Saturday, December 13, 2014

All Things Vintage Holiday Chic (Oakland, CA)

A few weekends ago, I went to my favorite vintage store in the Bay Area - All Things Vintage in Oakland.  It is owned by the 2 sweetest people, Lucy Bald and Claudia Ellinghaus.  They are not only fun to be around, but also are very knowledgable about vintage clothing.  They both started off selling vintage clothes at the Alameda Antique Fair and then decided to open their own store, which is open every weekend in December.  Check out their website at for their schedule in January 2015.

There is something for everyone at All Things Vintage and the store is a local favorite.   Many of the shoppers here are on a first-named basis with Lucy and Claudia and it is a very personal shopping experience.  Lucy and Claudia are excellent stylists and help their patrons find the perfect outfits with vintage shoes to match.  When people try on clothes, everyone gives opinions, including myself and the other shoppers.  It's a community affair.  I usually take something home on my trips to All Things Vintage and this time was no exception.  I fell under the spell of a very tiny black, Coach purse for traveling light.  While I was paying for it, Claudia brought out a tan suede Coach tote that will do very well for carrying my ipad when I commute to the city.  I also want to add that Lucy and Claudia have new things every weekend they are open, so please check out their store.  I know you will enjoy it!

All Things Vintage
3506 Woodruff @ MacArthur
Oakland, CA 
Lucy Bald, Owner
Claudia Ellinghaus, Owner

 Decisions, decisions
 Lucy on her computer

 Lingerie room
 The cutest sweater for Spring

 Lounge wear

 Gloves & purse for afternoon tea
 Furs, furs, furs

 Very hot outfit

 Very tiny Coach purse 

 Chic hats
 Dangling jewels for evening
 A view of the store from the men's dept. upstairs
 Very, very vintage shoes
 Sliver slipper

 Men's Dept.

 For the man who has everything

 For the man who wants to be noticed

 1970's platform shoes

 Cinderella slipper

 Opera anyone??

Well loved Coach purse that I also adopted

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Toni's Visit to the Brooklyn Flea (Brooklyn, NY)

I guess I've saved the best New York vintage excursion for last.  Kat and I took the subway on a Saturday last month to Brooklyn to the flea market.  We were one week short of it moving to a new location for the winter.  Thankfully, a friendly local checked her phone for the new location, which was a taxi ride or an exercise of several blocks.  Before deciding how to get there, we had breakfast at a local cafe, Olea (171 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, NY).  We both got the special, green eggs and lamb.

The weather was cold, but sunny and beautiful, so we decided to walk.  We walked through the Fort Greene neighborhood and through some others until we finally reached the Brooklyn Flea (1000 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY).  It is their winter location and is entirely inside.  They have a coat check, so you can shed those coats and walk around freely and shop.  The flea market is a good combination of vintage clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats and purses and furniture and crafts.   The upstairs has many food vendors.

Downstairs, I found a vendor selling Bakelite bracelets, which I sometimes collect.  I bought one for only $25 (wish I have gotten more).  A friend who buys and sells antiques told me recently that my bracelet is worth $500.  Excellent!  I also met Epperson, an amazing dress designer who told me he used be on Project Runway.  I've provided his e-mail address, so contact him if you want to see more of his designs.  Enjoy the photos.

 Olea - get the green eggs & lamb
 Brooklyn Flea
1000 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY

 Bakelite bracelets

 Toni's perfect briefcase

 Clothes by Epperson

 Boots, boots, boots

 Peacock coat