Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hunting for Halloween at the Alameda Antique Fair (Alameda, CA)

Hi everyone!  I had the happy surprise last weekend to host my brother, Dalton and his wife, Penny and son Miles who live in Tahoe City.  I hadn't seen them for a long time, so it was a fun reunion.  My brother, like myself, is a collector and loves flea markets.  All three of them were very in to going to Alameda Antique Fair, so after lox & bagles and black coffee off we went.  The flea market was bigger than ever and stretched for miles.  We were there for hours and saw so many interesting things.  It was like walking through a history museum of clothes, furniture, toys, etc.  My favorite items were reconstructed benches and other furniture from old trunks, boxes and flower sacks.  They were beautiful and their creator was doing a brisk business.  I also liked his off beat lamps that were a cross between science project and art.  I definitely want one.  Well, enjoy the fair!  Toni

 Vintage Mexican jacket - perfect for a child's costume
 A princess phone - the perfect costume accessory
 My nephew Miles waiting to get started 
 A view of the flea market
 Vintage doctor bag to carry trick or treat candy

 Miles & Shirley checking out the flea market

 Beaded costume
 Clown shoes

 Amazing new furniture from old things. And the boxes can be used for storage.  So practical!

 Dalton searching for vintage albums
 Darling pocka dot dress peeking out of the rack
 A little black dress for that perfect witch
 Victorian jackets
 Shoes, shoes, shoes

 Want to go as a'50's housewife?
 Prom anyone?
Penny hunting for treasure
 Fur hat
 1950's TV tray ($25)

 1950's cocktail dress
 '40's flash
Platform boots for a black leather costume 

 1920'a party shoes for that perfect costume
 Bathing beauties
 The perfect couch for a '70's Halloween party
 Shoes for everyone
 Heads peeking out of a trunk

 Vintage Oscar Meyer hot dog car
 White beaded chairs and yes they were comfortable
 A colorful sweater for Halloween or anytime
 Halloween & Christmas

 Janey Rose's original fashions

Happy shopping!