Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Designer Bargains at the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale

I promised that I would return to the White Elephant Sale today to check out the reduced designer clothes and everything else.   We had a huge storm in the Bay Area yesterday, which reduced the crowds for the sale.  But today, the sun was out and the sale had turned into a shopping feeding frenzy.  We were welcomed at the door of the warehouse with, "Come in and shop."   People were grabbing at everything because it was all items in the huge warehouse were 1/2 off.  

I headed for the women's clothing department.  At first, I was disappointed not to find the rack of Chanel and Prada clothes.  I was strongly tempted at the Preview Sale by a Prada raincoat that fit perfectly, but was way over my budget.  I wanted to find it, but it was gone.  But I did find some great deals, including a very one-of-a-kind knit, beaded skirt by Marni for only $40, a pair of black cords by Tory Burch for $14 and an Armani skirt perfect for my office for $15.  I was very happy!!  I also wandered to the other departments that I like and bought a small Picasso print for $3.  And couldn't resist the mink bear in the toy department.

The rain stayed away the entire time I was there and the shuttle to Bart was only 2 blocks from the sale.  It was a good time that I will definitely repeat next year.  Cheers! Toni

 Shop, shop, shop!
 Women's clothing department - a very popular place
 My beautiful Marni skirt
 Dolls with attitude
 Toy Department
 Shoe Department
 Music Department
 Art Department
 My very cute Marni skirt - I love the combination of knitting & bling

 Tory Burch cords
 Picasso dream
Happy shopping!