Thursday, August 27, 2015

Toni's Summer Visit to Santa Monica & Venice, CA

When I was in my 20's, I lived in Venice, CA - one of the interesting cities.  When I lived there in the late 1970's and early 1980's, it had an edgy tone mixed with circus atmosphere.  On the weekends, especially in the summer, the LA public would flock there to bike, run, swim, roller skate and to be seen.  I used to roller skate down to the Santa Monica pier about 2 miles away down the bike path.  At the pier was the famous merry-go-round featured in the Sting.  There was also a burger place at the end of the pier that we used to frequent.  It is now a high-end restaurant.

My best friend and fellow vintage shopper, Kat, also lived in Venice and we often went to the beach together.  She would be jogging or riding her bike while I roller skated.  Fast forward several years (I won't say how many) and we are still visiting Venice.  It is our girlfriend get away favorite place.  In addition to shopping and finding new vintage/resale stores, we also go to the beach and touch base with our old neighborhood, which has become quite popular and gentrified.  The old grungy corner bar (The Brigg) now has valet parking.  It is back to the future in reality.

We stayed in Venice last weekend and visited stores in Santa Monica.  Two resale shops that I suggest you visit the next time you're in LA  are Great Labels and The Closet Trading Co., both in Santa Monica.  The owners and sales staff were very friendly and the prices reasonable for upscale resale.  We were even offered Sangria at The Closet Trading Co., which we accepted of course.  I also want to mention the Roof Top Lounge at the Erwin Hotel where we stayed.  The Roof Top Lounge is a huge outdoor lounge overlooking the ocean and is perfect for sipping and eating while watching the sun go down.  Two of my favorite Bay Area friends, Geoff & Peter, who are now in LA met us there and we had such a fun reunion while gazing out at the ocean.  Wow!  Enjoy the photos!  Cheers, Toni

 The Closet Trading Co.
2708 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA

 Kat shopping at The Closet Trading Co.
 Great selection of designer shoes

 A view of the store

 Floral party pumps under glass

 These would have been mine if they had fit - oh well
 Very cool boots
 Sgt. Pepper sweater
 These platforms were meant for walking
 After our visit to The Closet, we ate at the French Garden Cafe (across the street)
 Haute Seconds Designer Resale
2629 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
 Here's a view from the sidewalk.  They wouldn't let me take photos - boo hoo
 Lighthouse World Charities
1727 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
 Kat and I spotted this little treasure from the car.  She got a very cute blouse for only $2 and I got  pair of shoes for only $12.  Too bad they were getting ready to close.

 Great Labels
Andrea Waters, Owner
1126 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA

 Great Labels sales reps The Brazilian & April Gaudette

 Lovely designer shoes at Great Labels 

 Gorgeous boots made for walking at Great Labels 
 Summer dream party ensemble at Great Labels 
 Dresses, dresses, dresses at Great Labels 

 I love 50% off racks
Black leather cat purse for the girl or guy who has everything! 
 Discovery Shop
920 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA

 After a day of shopping we returned to the beach
 The walkway at Venice Beach
 Cute dog model Cassius at Venice Beach
 Muscle Beach where the men are the show!

 Venice family band

Happy shopping!