Saturday, January 24, 2015

Treasure Island Flea - January 2015

It's January and a new year has begun.  I decided today to head to Treasure Island to check out its first flea market of 2015.  And the weather was beautiful in the Bay Area.  Even though we haven't had a drop of rain since Christmas, we did have 70 degree weather at the flea market.  The place was packed with shoppers, including the doggies.  The flea market has a special stall for them with homemade dog treats.  I caught up with 4 of them being pushed in their own buggy and looking very comfortable.

I also was there to find interesting belated holiday gifts for my parents who I will be visiting next weekend.  As I have told you in previous blogs, my mother, Fran, is a huge doll collector, especially those from the 1950's.  I was lucky to find her 2 vintage Ginny dolls in their original dresses at a fabulous price ($10).  This same vendor had vintage necklaces for $3 each and I got a Pierre Cardin watch for only $2.   It will need some fine tuning, but I have a repair guy who will put it back in working order.

I also want to mention that I met the most interesting vendor, Randy Mistrot, who is an expert in bakelite jewelry and gave me an appraisal on the bracelets I was wearing.  One of them turned out to be a cherry red bakelite bracelet from the 1920's that he would sell for $250.  He told me how to condition it with simple Turtle Wax. I also bought a beautiful vintage gold beaded purse from him for only $20.  Check out Randy's website at

I'm traveling to the gold country next weekend and will be re-visiting Victorian Closet in Amador.  It resembles a museum, but everything is for sale.  I love time capsules!

 Dogs on a shopping spree

 Traveling SF style

 Amazing crystal skull

 YvesSaintLaurent necklace with bracelets
Coincidental Discovery
Randy Mistrot, Owner

 Opera anyone?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ringing in 2015 at First Saturday flea at 5th ave marina (Oakland, CA)

I could think of no better way to ring in 2015 than to visit my favorite Bay Area flea market - First Saturday 5th ave marina flea hosted by Janey Rose, The Window Lady.  This flea market is located at the Oakland Marina, a little off the beaten path from Jack London Square.  I like it because I am a fan of Janey's clothing creations and she also has a huge collection of vintage clothing to wander through at very reasonable prices.  Janey also sells at the Alameda Antique Fair and at Treasure Island, so look for her at these venues too.  At this market, I bought a beautiful handcrafted velvet blazer by Janey Rose, a vintage designer skirt and a shirt right out of a 1960's Monkees' episode.  I have included them at the end of this blog.  I must also say that the 5th ave marina flea was much more crowded yesterday than I remember at my last visit, which tells me that it is now on the vintage lovers' radar.  So please check it out and see how much fun it is!

Happy New Year everyone.  Shop local and support local artists and vintage clothing sellers.  Make recycled clothing your mantra.  I know I have made it mine.  Cheers, Toni

 Velvet coat for evening
 Local entertainment while you shop
 Vintage bargains on the bus
 Quilt dress
 Hat tree

 Views of the 5th ave marina flea

 Beautiful gown by Janey Rose
 Janey's hipster skirt & hat

 Vintage clothes & more
 Lamps, lamps, lamps

 Handcrafted hats

 Sexy lace dress
 Views of the 5th ave marina flea

 Janey's vest mini dress
 Velvet & fur hat with feather by Janey Rose
 1960's fringe vest on the bus
 Turquoise oxfords
 Vintage red cape
 1970's disco platforms
 Alligator pumps
 Dancing shoes & scarves
 Fantasy skirt by Janey Rose
 Janey's fantasy vest
 Mini shirt with paisley underskirt
 Mink with matching bow
 Wrap around skirt
 Janey's men's jacket with fur collar
 Ceramic puppies waiting for adoption

 Spring hat
 1950's beaded butterfly purse
 Vintage clothes for only $5
 My beautiful Janey Rose velvet blazer

 1960's Monkee's shirt I bought for $5
 Vintage designer skirt I added to my collection