Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Oakland Museum White Elephant Preview Sale

 I had the most fun today at the Oakland Museum's White Elephant Preview Sale.  Even though it was competing with the opening of Super Bowl City in SF, the sale was thronged with shoppers.  I especially liked spending time in the clothing department.  I had a few temptations that I had to turn down for different reasons, but I still got some very stylish deals.  I also bought a vintage doll from the 1930's.  She's adorable.  I definitely will be going to their regular White Elephant sale the first weekend in March (the 5th & 6th).  I have heard that the very best deals to be had on everything will be on Sunday (the 6th).  There are a few designer clothing items that I hope will still be there.  But we will see.  Enjoy the photos! Toni

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Preview of Oakland Museum's White Elephant Sale Tomorrow

 Hi all.  Happy 2016!  Hope that it's been a good year so far for all of you.  My news is that it is finally raining here in the Bay Area, which has changed all of our attitudes.  No one is allowed to complain about it.  We are all very grateful.  I took a few months off from vintage shopping trips, but now I'm back.  Tomorrow I'm going to the preview sale of Oakland Museum's White Elephant Sale.  Last year, I went to this amazing event for the first time.  It was a little overwhelming because it was so big.  Tomorrow is the preview sale and while the cover is a little pricey, I'm so looking forward to finding some gems.  I will be following this blog up with some of the highlights, so stay tuned.  Cheers! Toni

Happy shopping!