Sunday, January 27, 2013

Long Beach Antique Market

Last weekend, I was in Southern California and visited the Long Beach Antique Market (Veterans Stadium, 4901 E. Conant St., Long Beach, CA (323-655-5703)).  The weather was beautiful (in the 80's) and it was very crowded.  It seemed like all of Los Angeles was there.  It reminded me a lot of the Alameda Flea Market minus the food trucks and a view of the bay.

Kat and I had a great time at the Long Beach Antique Market and I bought a new Gucci messenger bag for only $25.   It will make a very fashionable briefcase that is also functional.  Kat bought some things too, including an antique crazy quilt and some very cute 1950's hankies.  We also just enjoyed just walking around looking at everything.  We spent at least 3 hours there.  By 3:00, vendors were packing up, but that also meant lower prices and deals.  Kat's antique crazy quilt was only $25, which was a good price.  Here's some photos of the trip.

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