Friday, April 24, 2015

Toni's Vintage Trip to the "High Style" Fashion Exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Ever since hearing that the Brooklyn Museum's costume collection was at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, I had to see it.  As you must remember, I visited the Brooklyn Museum last November for their "Killer Heels" exhibit.  And it was an amazing event.  I have also seen their collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during my visits to NYC.  I knew I wouldn't be disappointed and after finding out I could take photographs, I planned a visit for the next weekend.

My best friend, Kat was in Berkeley and she and her daughter, Lani came with me.  All of us are interested in art and fashion and agreed that the exhibit was fantastic.  The clothes date from the early 20th Century through the 1980's.  There is something to please everyone.  I especially like the necklaces by Elsa Schiaparelli from the 1930's.  The exhibit will be in San Francisco until the middle of July.  I would recommend that everyone who can, should see it.

 Legion of Honor
100 34th Avenue
San Francisco, CA

 Evening dress - 1923
By designer Jeanne Lanvin

 Red silk evening dress by designer Suzanne Talbot - 1925
Yellow day dress and hat by designer Jean Patou - 1927
 1920's flapper party dresses
 Evening ensembles - 1910
By designers Callot Soeurs & Marie Callot Gerber
 Boudoir ensembles - 1900-1915
By designer Arthur Silver
 Stylish dresses for evening & daytime - 1907-1913
 Evening shoes - 1914-1919
By designer Pietro Yantorny
 Evening shoes - 1939
By designer Steven Arpad
 Ankle boots - 1939
By designer Steven Arpad for House of Balenciaga

 Black fur felt, orange suede & wool hat - 1939
By designer Sally Victor
 "Matisse" hat - 1962
By designer Sally Victor
 Evening shoes - 1939
By designer Steven Arpad
 Evening shoes - 1927
By Marshall Field & Co.
 French boudoir slippers - 1935-1949
 Vintage shoe box - check out those shoes
 Whimsical dresses - 1939-1941
By designer Elsa Schiaparelli
 Autumn necklace - 1938
By designer Elsa Schiaparelli
Autumn necklace - 1938
By designer Elsa Schiaparelli 
Autumn necklace - 1938
By designer Elsa Schiaparelli  
 Dinner ensemble - 1940
By designer Elsa Schiaparelli
 White evening dress by designer Madame (Alix) Gres - 1937
Black silk evening dress by designer Madeleine Vionnet -1936
 Evening dress - 1938
By designer Roger Worth
 Cocktail dress - 1965
By designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel
 Evening dress - 1952-1953
By designer Christian Dior
Evening dress - 1951
By designer Christian Dior 
 Evening ensemble - 1954
By designers Sorelle Fontana & Micol Fontana
 Evening dresses - 1936 & 1944
By designer Madame Eta Hentz
 Evening ensemble - 1983
By designer Arnold Scaasi
 Evening ensemble - 1961
By designer Arnold Scaasi
 "The Tigress" evening ensemble 
By designer Gilbert Adrian
 Evening dress - 1955
By designer James Galanos
 Golden evening ensemble by designer Norman Norell - 1970-1971
Red & gold evening dress by designer Mainbocher - 1950
 "Clover Leaf" ball gown - 1953
By designer Charles James

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