Saturday, August 8, 2015

Toni's August Trip to All Things Vintage (Oakland, CA)

Hi everyone!  I was so excited to return to All Things Vintage after Claudia and Lucy's trip to the East Coast.  They traveled the entire month of July, visiting flea markets and thrift shops in New York, New England and along the way back to California.  They also did a blog, so go to their website and check out their travels in detail.  Shop dog, 7-month old Blossom was a huge hit in her dog stroller.  She also made a lot of canine friends at the animal friendly motels and B&B's where they stayed.

One place that I want to mention that was a highlight of their trip was Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, Mass.  It is the largest outdoor antique show in New England.  It's held 3 times a year and the next one is Sept. 6-11.  Claudia and Lucy spent 2 days there and didn't cover everything.  I know it is on my wish list.

Well, as usual, I enjoyed visiting All Things Vintage today and came home with a sexy black slip and some opera length faux pearls that I can't wait to wear.  Enjoy the photos.  Hope you all are enjoying your summer.  Cheers! Toni

 All Things Vintage
3506 Woodruff @ MacArthur
Oakland, CA

 Shop puppy Blossom

 Claudia modeling a new dress from the trip
 Lucy manning the desk in the most beautiful spring hat
 The lingerie room

 Vintage earrings & broaches

 1960's dress

 Rhinestones & silver purses
 Pretty pink poodle
 Beautiful 1950's necklace and matching earrings
 1950's afternoon party dress
 Hats, hats, hats

 Tiny, adorable candy dishes

 Cinderella slippers

 Red velvet dream dress

 1960's hot pink knit dress

Happy shopping!

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