Saturday, August 15, 2015

Off Broadway Summer Pop Up in North Beach (SF, CA)

I was so excited to check out the lst Annual Off Broadway Summer Pop Up in San Francisco's North Beach this afternoon.  This show was put on by Ansanelli Productions who also do Treasure Island Flea and Jack of All Trades Market at Jack London Square in Oakland.  I've featured both markets in past blogs.  This was the first time they did a show in the city and it was in my favorite section.  It started at at the corner of Kearny and Pacific and traveled up to Broadway.  This part of the city is the oldest and not so heavily traveled by tourists.  The story goes that during the 1906 earthquake, a raging fire consumed most of the city.  When it got to this section, the wind changed and this neighborhood was saved from destruction.   The streets are tree-lined and the buildings are mostly brick and reminiscent of the gold rush. Today, it opened its streets to vintage sellers, local artists and food trucks and 21st century shoppers.   I brought home a beautiful handcrafted necklace made of amethyst.  I am so happy with it that I'm wearing it now as I write to you.  Enjoy the Pop Up show.  Cheers, Toni

 Classic record album purses by Rock A Record
Heather Jacks, Owner

 Rod Stewart album purse by Rock A Record

 Classy SF dog with a green mohawk striking a pose

 Fur purse made from a vintage coat by Chablee
 Another fur purse by Chablee
 Fringed leather purse by Chabell  - also made from a vintage jacket

 Vintage Louie Vuitton purse from Recycled Divaz
Laura & Melissa, Owners
 1960's leopard hat from Recycled Divaz

Laura & Melissa, Recycled Divaz

 Iconic North Beach bookstore City Lights
 North Beach record store

Happy shopping!

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