Sunday, November 22, 2015

Vintage & Designer Resale Shopping in Alameda, CA

Many of you have been to the Alameda Antique Fair or read about it in one of my blogs.  But Alameda has more to offer the vintage shopper than the once a month flea market.  Along Park Street, which is on the other side of the Island, there are shops that worth visiting.  I had been hearing a lot about the Salvation Army Store on the Park Street Bridge side of Park Street for designer finds, such as Prada shoes.   So I had to go there first.  I survived a traffic jam of cars heading for the Bridge and found street parking, walking the extra 3 blocks.  Unfortunately, I visited this store on an off day and saw nothing very interesting.  I may try again as one of my shop owners told me that she bought a jacket there for $10 and sold in her Alameda store for $500.

I walked back the 3 blocks to my car and drove to the center of the downtown district.  I found free street parking another 3 blocks away from Park Street and got my exercise.  The second store I visited, Juniper Tree Vintage, was a true vintage clothing store with beautiful dresses from the 1950's for $50 and under.  They had a great collection of clothes, jewelry (vintage & hand-crafted from vintage materials), wallets and other interesting items.  I bought a pair of vintage rhinestone hoop earrings (from the 1960's-70's) in perfect condition for only $15.

I walked a few blocks to my next stop, Rocket Reuse - an eclectic store selling books, videos, records and vintage clothes.  I loved their phone booth dressing room.  And they had a very good vintage clothing section, including children's clothes.  My next store was found by accident - or was it their neon sign that attracted me.  The store Aphrodite's Closet is a consignment shop that has very quality clothes, including designer resale.  The owner, Rachel, was very friendly and personable with customers and with me.  It reminded my of stores I used to visit with my mom Fran where the sales staff became our friends and always had good buying suggestions.  They had one designer rack at  Aphrodite's Closet where I found a Chanel jacket (that I filmed but could not afford) and a silk, Prada skirt which I got for only $36.  I also want to mention that Aphrodite's Closet has a wide range of sizes from xxs to plus sizes.

My final stop was to Pauline's Antiques, an Alameda icon.  It was incredible and I will definitely be returning when she has her 40% off sale after Thanksgiving.  It is also fun shopping and looking with big band music from the 1940's in the background.  The only way to shop.
Cheers and have a happy Thanksgiving! Toni

 The Salvation Army Store
1918 Park St. (between Clement & Blanding) 
Alameda, CA
 Juniper Tree Vintage
1320 Park St. (near Central)
Alameda, CA

 Joel, the manager of Juniper Tree Vintage

 Rocket Reuse
1355 Park St. (between Alameda & Central)
Alameda, CA

 Photo booth dressing room

 Aphrodite's Closet
1419 Park St.
Alameda, CA

 Resale designer hunting
 Very cool ankle boots

 I love their shoe display

 My Prada skirt - can't wait to wear it!

 Chanel blazer
 Paulines Antiques
1427 Park St.
Alameda, CA

Happy shopping!

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