Monday, November 30, 2015

Vintage Holiday Shopping at Treasure Island

I visited my favorite Bay Area flea market yesterday at Treasure Island, which is just across the Bay from San Francisco.  I wanted to see the reindeer that would be there, take some photos and do my after Black Friday shopping.  I had a wonderful time.  I met an amazing vintage clothing vendor, Jenn Kuvat of The Vintage Net and also saw friends who were selling out there.  It was a beautiful day on the Island and there were a lot of vendors.  I bought a 1970's suede brownish shirt from London and a beautiful pair of copper/gemstone hoop earrings made by Marisa Villa, who is also a friend from Berkeley.  I strongly believe in supporting local artists, especially if they're friends and Marisa's earrings definitely had to be mine.

The 2 reindeer were very tame.  They were allowed graham crackers and celery and the kids were feeding them.  Such beautiful animals.  I would only suggest that the enclosure be bigger.  After seeing all the stalls, I went to the food truck area and had a homemade tamale and strawberry juice.  What's great about their food area is that there are so many choices.  They also have a bar there and live music.  There could be a few more tables, but people are very nice about sharing.

Hope you all have a fun holiday.  Enjoy my trip to Treasure Island.  Cheers! Toni

 The Vintage Net
Jenn Kubat, Founder

 Jenn Kubat, owner of The Vintage Net
 Black velvet evening gown from the 1930's at The Vintage Net
 Stylish leather coat from the 1960's at The Vintage Net

 Suede boots from the 1970's for $15 at The Vintage Net
White mink hat at The Vintage Net
 Vintage shoes at The Vintage Net
 Very adorable reindeer at Treasure Island

 Photo booth
 Marisa Villa, Jewelry Designer
Codacraft Designs
 Necklaces by Marisa

 Vintage necklaces

 Fashion creations & vintage clothes by Janey Rose, The Window Lady

 This is a fun section at back of the flea market

 Holiday entertainment

 Fonzie-esque 1950's jacket
Happy shopping!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for writing about my shop in your article. Your photos are beautiful. It was so lovely to meet you this weekend! Hope you absolutely adore your new leather shirt. Keep in touch!- Jenn, The Vintage Net