Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Toni's Spring Visit to the Alameda Antique Fair (Alameda, CA)

There's a tradition in the Bay Area on the first Sunday of every month and that is the Alameda Antique Fair.  It's on the old navy base, on the island of Alameda.  It stretches forever and takes many hours to see.  The antique fair attracts thousands of vintage treasure seekers.  You have to wear a hat and comfortable shoes.  There are also ATM machines at the entrance if you run out of cash and credit cards are usually accepted.

Last Sunday, the weather was unbelievable here.  It was slightly overcast, but with plenty of sunshine.  I photographed what ever interested me as I walked the aisles of the antique fair.  I also stopped at Janey Rose's area and had a visit while trying on one of her amazing original skirts.  It fit perfectly and I can't wait to wear it (with the red & black striped suspenders). 

I hope that all of you will have the chance to visit the Alameda Antique Fair sometime.  Cheers! Toni

 Vintage clothes a mile long

 Elephant checking out the antique fair

 Before blow dryers there was the salon hair dryer - now living room furniture

 I bought this tray
 Janey Rose - The Window Lady
 Janey's original designs


 Tres shabby chic

 Gorgeous 1920's hat

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